Camp rules

When so many people enjoy a camp, you have to have some rules. Not to hinder or blame, but to know what to expect from eachother. If you treat others and their possessions like you want to be treated, nothing can go wrong. There is also some points that need special attention: We are a Scouting campsite. Please pay particular attention to our garbage and fire regulations.

House rules


In case of an emergency, a loud SOS-signal given (· · ·/— — —/· · ·). The group should come together near the parking lot. Exit routes and meeting point is marked on the notice board.


Every time we have the container emptied, it will cost us € 50,-. It is therefore very important to keep your rubbish to a minimum !

Fire and fire making on the campsite

Please follow the instructions given by the wardens.

Make sure the members of your group are familiar with these regulations and act accordingly.